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Financial Plan

Financial plan means financial planning, and it is the business process that determines when and how the resources that a company needs to achieve its goals and objectives should be used. As it is known, the financial resources of companies have a very important place. In particular, there are many problems that may occur with the use of incorrect resources. Along with these problems, the financial power of the companies may decrease. When you receive financial plan support, it is possible to reveal your company’s deficiencies and strengths along with the correct use of resources. Financial plan, which is one of the most important works that will add strength to your power, is the integrity of the services provided by our company in general terms.

Financial Plan

what is this

It is our general purpose and vision to provide the necessary support for the system to be worked in a coordinated way in the most accurate way. For years, we have contributed to the growth of many companies, while ensuring the increase of both customers and investors. While examining your income and expense statement with the last step of our list in the form of a financial plan, creating a ratio analysis and providing cash flow are considered important steps of the application. It is possible to express the financial plan application, which is important for the future of the company and determines its future, as the process in which the decisions taken are started to be implemented and implemented. This process is a multi-faceted step that will help company managers make investment decisions, set concrete targets and reach them. It is known that it also allows the establishment of performance standards. The most important aim is not to minimize the risks, but rather to highlight which risks should be taken. For this reason, it is known that there is a support that can be made and progressed with professional steps.

Financial Planning Fundamentals

Our system, which progresses professionally in terms of financial plan or financial planning, pays great attention to the basic issues for companies. In order to make this planning in the most accurate and effective way, the planning list followed is listed as follows.

  • Examining the company’s cash flow
  • Ability to perform segmented analysis in the most accurate way
  • Scenario analysis
  • The most accurate use of time zones
  • Yielding
    The above-mentioned ordering plays an important role in the financial planning technique. It is very important to get professional support before or immediately after the establishment of the company, as it is possible for the smallest financial mistakes to move in the direction of irreparable within the companies.

Types of Financial Planning

There are two separate classifications for the financial plan. The first is long-term financial plans, which are designed for periods of 2 to 10 years. It is known that within the scope of research and development activities, investments in fixed assets, financing resources, marketing and product development studies are included.
Short-term financial plans are planned for businesses with operational risk. Estimated sales reports are prepared along with the creation of plans for 1-2 year processes. It is known that analysis is considered as activity and financial data. It is known that pro forma financial statements are presented as basic outputs by our company while examining the cash and operating budget.