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Market Analysis

Market analysis is an important type of service, which means market research in Turkish. It is known that the service offered within the scope of market research is the type of service provided with customer demand. It is expressed as the process of asking questions about prospects and competitors in a professional manner, obtaining information about the targeted market and evaluating the results. In case of market research, it is necessary to get professional service about why consumers should buy your products. In case of taking this service, it will be possible to increase your chances of success by producing products and increasing sales.


With the market analysis service, it is possible to have information about the cultural, social, socio-economic, geographical and personal situations of target customers. In addition, you can understand whether there is a demand for your product and act accordingly. You can also strengthen your steps by making analyzes of your competitors. This service, which stands out with its alternative advantages for individuals and companies in many ways, can only be obtained from places where professional market research services are offered. Market research is not a job for everyone. It is important to make a correct examination and not to make mistakes. The market research service proceeds in two basic ways. Knowing the difference between primary market research and secondary market research also highlights the steps to be determined by the professional service. It is one of the definite results that this service, which you will see important benefits in every respect, will provide great benefits for your company’s work.

Primary Market Research

The first part that stands out as market analysis or primary market research is the first part of research that is divided into quantitative and qualitative. The service provided within the scope of professional service is known as the act of collecting uncollected data. It is the part of searching and finding the data to be analyzed. It is known that participatory research is applied as primary market research in terms of obtaining data such as interviews and surveys. With this service provided for companies, it is also possible to make more permanent and solid breakthroughs.

Secondary Market Research

Market analysis or secondary market research is a little more comprehensive than the primary part. It is known as the process of collecting previously produced data. These methods include quantitative (quantitative) research and qualitative (qualitative) research. Quantitative research provides market research with countable data. It is also seen as the type of research made with the most appropriate questions for the sector. Since statistics is a form of research, it is not a form of study that can be done without assistance. Along with professionalism, it is also seen as an extra detailed part of market research. In terms of being an example for quantitative research, it is known that face-to-face interviews, as well as telephone interviews, interviews over the internet, and computer-assisted telephone and personal interviews are quantitative researches.

Qualitative research, on the other hand, is known as qualitative, and it is a form of research that is done by obtaining information from small groups instead of big data. Behavioral research, interviewing, use of projective technique is known as qualitative research, while it stands out as professional market research carried out with a focus.